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    10 Soothing Bollywood Sufi Songs That Can Always Calm Your Turbulent Heart On Anxious Days

    As the name is suggestive itself, Sufi music is legit the type of music inspired and dedicated to the magic brewed by Sufi poets. 

    Most commonly found in the culture of South-East Asia, this devotional form of music is truly healing for an aching heart. 

    Best Sufi Songs In Bollywood Movies

    Here are 10 beautiful Sufi numbers from Bollywood movies which will help you on days when anxiety takes the best part of you:

    1. Kun Faya Kun

    This heart-touching song is known to really hold you up, and that’s not just my personal belief but ask anyone, and we all have a story associated with this song. 

    The lyrics are inspired and taken from the holy Quran and the Rigveda. 

    Kun Faya translates to “be, and it is”. Also, special mention for this line which reads Tune mujhko banaya mai toh jag ko na bhaya.

    2. Arziyan

    Another song that simply explains the power of making an ‘arzi’, a request to the powerful almighty. 

    It begins with Arziyaan sari mein chehre pe likh ke laaya hoon, Tumse kya mangu mein tum khud hi samjah l. What better way of telling you that sometimes, faith is stronger than doubt.

    3. Piya Haji Ali

    This powerful number is a masterpiece by AR Rahman and is a soulful dedication to the 19th-century saint Pir Haji Ali Shah Bukhari.  

    This song talks about unity amongst the world where no religion is above another and inner happiness.

    4. Ya Ali

    This song is like the first drop of water you drink when you are thirsty. It quenches a thirst you didn’t even know existed. 

    The song calls out the name of God and expresses how one is ready to be diminished for the love of one’s life.

    5. Bulleya

    My favourite part of this song is the singer basically describing the ‘rooh ka parinda’ in the most poetic way possible. As he sings, ‘ve ki karaan’ ( what do I do), something we ask ourselves every day!

    6. Khwaja Mere Khwaja

    A simple, yet powerful song that makes you feel the divine power, only if you know how to listen with your heart.

    7. Aas Paas Khuda

    This is a beautiful reminder for days when crippling anxiety grips you like no other. 

    Even though we don’t always feel it, the supreme power is protecting us and is around us at all times.

    8. Maula Mere Maula

    This one is surely a timeless masterpiece. Sung in the silky voice of Roop Kumar Rathod, this is the best song to describe one’s godly dedication and affection for one’s love.

    9. Mann Ki Lagan

    This number is loaded with memories for a lot of us 90s kids. 

    Another lovely devotion for a lover explaining how the heart only seeks love and is wildly searching for them. Basically, this song is immortal, if you ask me.

    10. Ha Raham

    This magical song transports you into a zone unknown. Unwavering faith, questioning life and its path, all the worries, this song expresses it all. 

    The singer is urging the powerful ‘Khuda’ to just keep everyone ‘mehfuz’ (safe), and no words do it better than this song.


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