12 Bollywood Iconic 'Hero Ki Entry Scenes

12 ‘Hero Ki Entry’ Scenes From Bollywood Movies Which Will Forever Be Iconic

Bollywood is melodramatic, nearly always a bit extra, and has its own flair of doing things that are particular to it. Yes, there are a few things that we typically see in our movies that make us grimace. But there is one point on which we can all agree: they are the same movies that we all consider to be somewhat of a guilty pleasure. Even the most clichéd parts in these movies offer comfort to us when we’re feeling nostalgic.

The introductory scenes of the main characters are unquestionably a highlight of Bollywood movies that are particularly noteworthy. Of course, the first impression on the audience is crucial, and these movies almost always excel in doing that.

Have we really moved past Raj’s entry sequence in the romantic movie Mohabbatein, when he sports this adorable lad look? Absolutely not! 

There are, however, a lot of other ‘Hero ki entry‘ scenes that are just too iconic to be forgotten.

1. Shah Rukh Khan in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham

Rahul getting off the chopper in Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham and Jaya Bachchan’s Nandini nearing the door while holding an aarti ki thali is a scene that will always be over the top but will always be memorable.

Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham
Source: Netflix

2. Hrithik Roshan in Dhoom 2 

I’ll wait till you can name another opening scene that was as captivating as the one that introduced Hrithik Roshan’s character, Aryan.

 Dhoom 2
Source: Amazon Prime Video

3. Rajesh Khanna in Anand 

Anand, played by Rajesh Khanna, is as memorable as the movie itself. He actually was in the movie a bundle of joy, and it was clear from the moment he entered the frame.

Source: MX Player

4. Ranveer Singh in Bajirao Mastani 

Among the most recent movies, this historical drama actually gave the Peshwa the prominence he earned. And the remarkable dialogue, Cheete ki chaal, baaz ki nazar aur bajirao ki talvaar par sandeh nahi karte. kabhi bhi maat de sakti hain, still imprinted in our mind. 

 Bajirao Mastani
Source: Jio Cinema

5. Salman Khan in Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam

In Bhansali’s romantic drama, Sameer was undoubtedly one of the quirkiest characters Salman Khan has ever portrayed. The first sequence immediately made the character’s energy and charm fairly clear, and we couldn’t help but admire him.

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam
Source: Jio Cinema

6. Shah Rukh Khan in Devdas 

You become fascinated by Shah Rukh Khan’s character Dev because of the entire build-up to his arrival in the movie. Additionally, the way Bhansali portrays the lead character and his endearing relationship with Paro will make you swoon.

Source: Jio Cinema

7. Ajay Devgn in Phool Aur Kaante 

And this one will always be without a doubt the OG among entry scenes. We can’t help but feel nostalgic because it was so iconic that Ajay Devgn recreated it decades later.

Phool Aur Kaante
Source: Zee5

8. Rahul Roy in Aashiqui 

In this timelessly iconic ’90s movie, the music, the setup, and the introduction of the romantic hero are all things that could only occur in that era. Because the same-film sequel clearly failed to capture this very same magic.

Source: Hungama

9. Aamir Khan in Rangeela 

Talk about introducing a character subtly—Rangeela did the same for Aamir Khan as Munna. In contrast to the boisterous persona he was, he entered fairly subtly but impressively.

Source: Jio Cinemas

10. Abhay Deol in Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!

Abhay Deol’s persona radiated the same eccentricity as the film’s theme. From his very first scene, Lucky’s nonchalant style was fairly apparent, and the audience felt keen to know more about the character.

Oye Lucky! Lucky Oye!
Source: Netflix

11. Aamir Khan in Rang De Basanti 

DJ from Rang De Basanti embodied cool, therefore the character’s entry had to fully capture his carefree demeanour. You will still have an adrenaline thrill after seeing this scene today.

Rang De Basanti
Source: YouTube

12. Amitabh Bachchan in Don  

Even though Amitabh Bachchan rarely gives performances that are anything less than remarkable, the original Don who brought the swag to the big screen will always be cherished.


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