6 underpasses and 1 tunnel will be built in Delhi by December, the journey of Haryana and UP will be easy

With the construction of four halls by the National Building Construction Corporation (NBCC) at Pragati Maidan under the New Pragati Maidan scheme, the pressure on the Public Works Department (PWD) to complete the ongoing projects around Pragati Maidan has increased.

These mainly include about a quarter of a kilometer long tunnel road passing through Pragati Maidan. Through this, the vehicles going to and coming to Pragati Maidan will be given way. This is the first tunnel road in Delhi of this length. At the same time, Mathura Road, Bhairon Marg and Ring Road are also to be made signal free by making 6 underpasses.

The PWD has now set a target to complete it by December in any case. On completion of this project, it is expected that there will be a lot of relief from the traffic jam from the ITO area. Because due to the start of the tunnel road, all the people coming towards Yamunapar from Ashok Road, Connaught Place, India Gate, Mandi House will not come to ITO. These people will travel using this tunnel.

With the removal of the red beacon of Mathura Road Bhairon Marg T-Point and Bhairon Marg-Ring Road, people will use Bhairon Marg and leave the Ring Road without any restrictions. With Mathura Road becoming signal free, it will be easier to travel from ITO towards South Delhi.

In the busy hours of morning and evening, people struggle in traffic jam for 20 minutes to 30 minutes to travel from India Gate to Ring Road or from Ring Road to India Gate to travel a distance of one and a half kilometer. In such a situation, the Public Works Department is constructing a tunnel road from under Pragati Maidan. Talking about the infrastructure construction, 95 percent of its work has been completed.

In order to make Mathura road jam-free, PWD is working on a plan to make this route signal free for about three kilometers from ITO W point to Delhi Public School. Six red beacons are to be removed on this route. For this, three out of four underpasses are being built. Three of these are ready. The work of the one near the Supreme Court is also going on fast.

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