Esha Gupta crossed all limits of boldness with Baba Nirala in Aashram 3

The trailer of the third season of ‘Ashram’ has arrived and with this people have started discussing the new face seen in it. It is none other than Esha Gupta who has set the internet on fire with her bold pictures. There are 6 scenes of Isha in the entire trailer in which she is seen getting intimate with Baba Nirala i.e. Bobby Deol.

Tridha Chaudhary, who showed her style in the last season, was only a glimpse in the trailer. His fans were hoping that this time too he would get to see the romance of Baba Nirala and Babita but it did not happen.

In the year 2020, both the series of Ashram were released, as well very popular. People had to wait two years for the third season. But now what they have seen, it seems that this wait was not in vain. In the 59-second trailer, where once again Bobby Deol managed to impress people in the role of his Baba Nirala. Esha Gupta’s role is also going to be very strong.

In this video, Esha Gupta was seen wearing a red coloured sari. People remembered Babita when they saw Baba and Babita’s jugalbandi in Season 2. Isha even went two hands ahead of Tridha Chaudhary. There are also some dialogues of Esha Gupta in the trailer which are making this trailer even more awesome. These dialogues are- ‘Baba ji ki Sada jai ho, I will take out the God within you in front of the whole world.( आपके अंदर जो भगवान है उसे पूरी दुनिया के सामने निकाल कर रख दूंगी।)

There is a lot of buzz about ‘Ashram 3’ on social media. But people have one complaint that Tridha Choudhary’s scenes should have been more. Although this is just the first trailer, we may get to see more unique forms of Baba Nirala in the coming days.

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