Ayushi Khurana
"Breaking fast with co-stars! Ayushi Khurana shares her fond Ramadan memories and experiences a delightful iftar party on the sets of 'Ajooni'.

Ayushi Khurana Enjoys Iftar Party with Co-Stars on the Sets of ‘Ajooni’

Bollywood actress Ayushi Khurana, who is currently starring in the daily soap ‘Ajooni’, recently enjoyed an iftar party with her co-stars on the sets of the show. The actress was seen having a great time with her colleagues and relishing the delicious food and drinks that were served.

In a recent interview, Ayushi Khurana talked about her fond memories of Ramadan and shared an interesting experience that she had during the holy month. The actress said that she once went on a roza (fast) with one of her friends and followed all the traditions and customs associated with Ramadan.

Talking about her experience, Ayushi said, “Ramadan is a special time for me as it brings back memories of my childhood. I remember going to the mosque with my family and breaking the fast with them. One year, I decided to go on a roza with one of my friends and it was a very unique experience. I followed all the traditions and customs associated with Ramadan and it was truly a humbling experience.”

The actress also added that she loves the spirit of brotherhood and unity that prevails during Ramadan. “Ramadan is not just about fasting, it’s also about coming together as a community and sharing the joy and happiness of the holy month. I love the spirit of brotherhood and unity that prevails during this time and I try to imbibe these values in my life as well,” she said.

Ayushi Khurana, who shot to fame with the popular show ‘Mann Sundar‘, has been receiving a lot of praise for her performance in ‘Ajooni’. The actress is known for her talent and dedication and has a huge fan following among Bollywood enthusiasts.

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