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Miki Malang back at it with ‘CHAALU’, No one can come in between Miki Malang and the team for their passion. find more

It’s been only a day or two since a dispute that was going on with him on Instagram. Have you heard about it? If you haven’t, we have the right resources for you to read.

But nevertheless, no one can come in between Miki Malang and the team for their passion for singing. No dispute, no outsider. He is determined to his passion for singing and creating worthwhile music for their fans across the globe and India especially. 

Miki Malang New Song Poster

Miki Malang releases the poster of his new song ‘Chaalu’ on Instagram which will be released in the first week of June. It’s a collaboration of Miki with Ron likhari. Street Music Studio, a Haryanvi music label will bring out this song to us on the 4th of June. It is a film by Kook Gang in association with Thet Desi records. The music is provided by Shiqaari. Aman Jangra and Sanjit Narula have directed the official music video for this song along with the assistance of Rajat Kaath.


Mittali Arora is seen as the female lead in the video. Elevating the meaning of the whole song with her acting skills in the video. In most of Miki Malang’s songs, the publicity designs are taken care of by Sumit Bamal. He is also a very talented and skilled artist of this industry. The creativity head behind the costumes is done by Sonali Narula. The DOP is Luck-E. 

theth desi records

All the insights of Miki Malang and Thet Desi Records are available on Peddler Media Network under the section Haryanvi Music. Do give them a read to know more about your favourite artist.

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