Director and Producer of Bollywood Film 'Adipurush' Face Complaint Over New Poster

Director and Producer of Bollywood Film ‘Adipurush’ Face Complaint Over New Poster

Bollywood film ‘Adipurush’ faces trouble as the director, Om Raut, and producer, Bhushan Kumar, have been accused of hurting religious sentiments with the film’s new poster. A complaint was filed against them at a police station in Mumbai.

The complaint alleges that the film’s characters from Hindu mythology are not portrayed accurately, and the religious sentiments of people have been hurt. The police have registered a case against the director and producer.

The poster in question depicts ‘Ram’ without a sacred thread and ‘Sita’ without sindoor (vermilion) on her forehead. These are essential symbols in Hindu culture and religion, and their absence in the poster has caused outrage among some sections of society.

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The film, which stars Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan, has already been in the news for its controversial casting choices and alleged distortion of Hindu mythology. The film’s makers have defended their creative choices, saying that they have not intended to hurt anyone’s sentiments and that the film will be respectful towards the characters and their stories.

However, the complaint against the poster has added to the film’s troubles, and it remains to be seen how the controversy will affect its release. With the case now registered, the director and producer will have to appear before the police for questioning.

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