Controversy Surrounds Film ‘The Kerala Story’; AR Rahman Shares Message of Communal Harmony

The film ‘The Kerala Story‘ has sparked controversy as it is being accused of trying to tarnish the image of the state of Kerala, and is also considered a danger to communal harmony. Many political leaders have expressed their displeasure with the film and have called for a ban on it.

The film, which is directed by a newcomer, depicts the life of a group of people in Kerala and their struggles. However, some have taken issue with the portrayal of the state, claiming that it is an attempt to damage its reputation. The controversy has now taken a new turn, with renowned singer and composer AR Rahman sharing a video of a Hindu wedding taking place in a mosque on social media.

The video has gone viral and has been shared widely on various platforms. Many people have praised Rahman for sharing such a positive message of communal harmony amidst the ongoing controversy surrounding the film. The video shows a Hindu couple getting married in the mosque in the presence of their Muslim friends.

Rahman, who is known for his work in Bollywood and Hollywood, has often used his platform to promote peace and unity. His latest move has been lauded by his fans and supporters alike, with many taking to social media to express their gratitude.

The controversy surrounding ‘The Kerala Story’ is likely to continue, with many calling for a ban on the film. However, Rahman’s video has brought some positivity to the ongoing debate and has highlighted the importance of unity and harmony in a diverse society like India.

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