Decathlon sports India Journey has been incredible in its own way want to know how? Scroll below

Decathlon Is a store that provides a variety Of sports-related products to the public. All of its products are made in India which is why it is a very unique and economy-boosting store.

The journey of Decathlon has been very tremendous. They started in the year 1999 when they decided to launch a store named Decathlon. In 1999 they started their official production in India. Then in 2004, the team of Decathlon focused on footwear. They also began with the heavy stitching export.

Whereas in 2009, The team opened the first cash-and-carry sports store in India. Later in 2011, India launched the FLX brand for cricket. Working so hard to achieve success they maintain the dignity of their brand and sold almost 90% of the cycles which are made in India to the public in the year 2012. If we talk about 2019 it was one of the most successful years for the team As they developed 720 new products & Opened 10 new suppliers.

It is one of those stores which promotes Indian businesses and it is our responsibility to take forward the dignity and pride of our country by ourselves. The main slogan of Decathlon is “ support local support sports”.

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