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    DElEd exam results released, 4295 passed across the state, and 7024 student-teachers re-appear

    Haryana School Education Board has declared the result of DElEd Admission Year-2019 & 2020 (Regular & Re-appear) and DElEd Admission Year-2021(First Year Regular) Examinations in July 2022. Students-teacher can check the exam result from the link given on the official website of the board.

    Board President Prof. Jagbir Singh and Secretary Krishna Kumar informed that under the annual system, 11319 student-teachers appeared in the DElEd first year-2021 (regular) examination, out of which 4295 passed and 7024 student-teacher re-appeared. 37.95 percent pass the exam. Out of 5926 student-teachers, 2552 student-teachers have passed the examination, with a pass percentage of 43.06.

    Class: DElEd 1st Year-2020(Re-Appear)
    Total student-teacher entries: 2133
    Exam Passed: 1184
    Not fit for Diploma: 920
    Pass Percentage: 55.51
    Total student teachers: 1170
    Pass: 670
    Total student teachers: 963
    Pass: 514

    Class: DElEd 1st Year-2019 (Re-Appear)
    Total student-teacher entries: 298
    Exam Passed: 149
    Not fit for Diploma: 149
    Pass Percentage: 50
    Total student teachers: 194
    Pass: 99
    Total Student Teacher:104
    Pass: 50

    Class: DElEd II Year-2019 (Re-Appear)
    Total student-teacher entries: 556
    Exam Passed: 425
    Not fit for Diploma: 131
    Pass Percentage: 76.44
    Total Student Teacher: 340
    Pass: 268
    Total Student Teachers: 216
    Pass: 157

    The institution-wise result sheets of the examination will be sent to the login IDs of the institutions. The application forms for the upcoming examination of student-teachers who have reappeared/failed in the examination will also be filled out online through the panel available on the login ID of the concerned institution. – Krishna Kumar, Secretary, Haryana Board of School Education.


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