Dhanda Nyoliwala ‘s brand new track “Baby’’ is not as dhaakad as he is.Want to know the audience’s reaction to the song, read below.

A few days back Dhanda launched the poster of his song “baby”. The poster got an abundance of love from the public as it looked really unique.

The people expected that this song will be the next hit and had expectations from this song. but, today the song is released and the public got a little disappointed. They felt disheartened as they were expecting something else from the singer. It is really Agreeable that this song is not like Dhanda’s previous songs.

The hype which was created by the poster went useless. The fans of Dhanda’s are very disappointed. Dhanda Nyoliwala songs are always superhit and trending but not this time. This song is entirely different from what Dhand Nyotiwala is. The audience was looking for this song but it dropped their expectations. But Still, our support goes to Dhanda Nyotiwala for his upcoming projects.

We hope that his forthcoming songs will be superhit like his other previous song

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