Did you hear about the latest iconic song Heer by Dikshit Parasher.

Dikshit is one of the great and hardworking Haryanvi Singer who is passionate about his career in singing and entertainment. He has been following this passion with all his heart and soul and never fails to amaze his audience.

He is a budding singer who needs all our love and support to boost his talent in singer and keep bringing us new songs. Finally, the release date for his new song is out and we can’t wait for him to amaze us yet again. The title, lyrics and teaser of the song suggest that it is a romantic one. All the lovers can dedicate it to their loved ones to freshen up themselves and shower love.

As soon as it was released, it got a great response from people. We could make this out with a lot of views in considerably less time and all the positive comments. We can see the great job done by the singer and the entire team as emotions reflect through the song. It relates to the story of many people which is the reason they find the song more relatable and attractive.


It is a good track to listen to and feel relaxed. The video has been recorded by Bholenath Records who have presented it up to the mark to catch the audience’s attention. For further details keep following peddler media.

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