Saturday, December 2, 2023

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    Haryana Tourism Presents Diwali Utsav 2023: A Festival of Creativity and Joy

    Haryana Tourism is organizing the inaugural Diwali Utsav 2023, which will take place from November 3rd to November 10th at the SurajKund Mela Ground in Faridabad. This event promises a colorful, creative, and joyful experience.

    An Awe-Inspiring Festival:

    Diwali Utsav 2023 aims to be the most colorful festival of the year, infusing the spirit of creativity and joy into its visitors.

    Creative Competitions:

    This event encourages active participation through a variety of competitions, from art to innovation. It’s a platform for everyone to shine and showcase their talents.

    Dive into Creativity:

    Participants can dive into creativity, whether they’re artists, inventors, or possess unique skills. The festival’s competitions allow attendees to explore artistic expression and inventive thinking.

    Be Part of the Magic:

    Participating in Diwali Utsav 2023 allows you to not only showcase your skills but also become part of the enchanting event, connecting with fellow creative minds and witnessing the fusion of tradition and innovation.

    Join the Celebration:

    To be part of this unique Diwali celebration, click here: Diwali Utsav 2023 Registration.

    In conclusion, Diwali Utsav 2023, organized by Haryana Tourism, is set to be a magnificent celebration of art, innovation, and culture, blending tradition with a contemporary twist. Mark your calendars and prepare for a joyful and creative experience at this splendid festival.


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