Do you know Khalifa of the Haryanvi Music Industry?

Singer of recently released ‘Ek Number’ song, Miki Malang is given the title of the Khalifa of Haryanvi Industry by Peddler Media. Just because his songs are mainly based on Guns and Ganja.

Mohit Sharma is a growing artist in the Haryanvi Music Industry. He has been singing from his childhood and is currently the owner of Thet Desi records. His Debut song – Case Band was a superhit with over 5.5 million views.

He usually targets Gun and Ganja in his music videos and lyrics. Some of his songs namely.

Maal premiered on 20 March 2021

Bemaut – 29 September 2020


Mentions the direct or the indirect use of such substances.

He takes to his Instagram profile to post pictures and videos of him consuming weed or ganja. In a small talk with Peddler Media, he says that he is not promoting smoking and consuming substances. He instead wishes to highlight the medical benefits of the same and spread awareness. Health benefits like prevention of cancer, treatment of depression, regulation, and prevention of diabetes are to name a few. But he also throws some light on the fact that “ Too much of anything is not good for health”.

However, some of his music biggest hit releases in the Haryanvi Music industry Handcuffs Handcuffs ft Rp Singh and Sneeze ft Rp Singh are not mainstream Miki Malang- weed songs. Concluding his whole personality, work, and experience, Peddler Media saying that he is Khalifa of the Haryanvi Music Industry.

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