“Ek Number Bhai ” Miki Malang to Likhari

Miki Malang and Likhari both are artists, one gives meaning to a song and the other is the voice for those lines. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi.  Miki Malang just posted a picture on his Instagram feed with Likhari.


It is a very casual picture, everything about it is casual but nice. How do I even describe that picture? It’s something silly yet beautiful. Beautiful? No, it’s not like the boys are looking beautiful in the picture or that I’m calling them beautiful. It’s their friendship and bonding which is reflected in that picture. This is something weird to notice maybe, but let’s just go back in time to know how they started off. 


Miki Malang started Thet Desi Records music label committed to the Haryanvi Music Industry. And from the start only they have been working together composing, writing and producing songs. It is true, that your team becomes your family because you do literally everything with them. Makha Rehan De was their first song together premiered in 2018. They’re kicking off a very good bond while giving all the vibes and chills to the audience. 

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