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    Peddler Media Catch Up With Arix Music, His tone throughout the interview was sweet and kind

    Arix Muzic is a new emerging diamond in the world of Haryanvi music, he is fast maturing in the Haryanvi music industry, a highly skilled professional in his art of singing, who narrates his poetic verses with great precision. Also, expresses associative feelings of love, Friendship and adversity. He represents his hood(Mahendergarh) and works as a hip-hop music producer, singer, rapper and lyrics writer.

    Firstly, He did music with a group in Delhi and then life took a right turn and He came to Mahendragarh then he set up his own music studio and got himself prepared for the Haryanvi music industry, to know more about him through Pedlar Media given below Read the part.

    Sir, please let us know about your journey in the field of music.

    I consider myself lucky to be born in a family where everyone was gifted with the music knowledge of god. My father Suresh Sharma and my mother Savita Sharma have always supported me to become a wonderful artist. and my elder brother was the one who introduced me to hip-hop music and because of him, I built an interest in hip hop music. I learned music from youtube and in my initial days, I didn’t have a laptop with me to practice what I learnt from Youtube so I started borrowing a laptop from a friend for a single day and making beats on it. Mavrix is the only person I trust in the music industry as he is like a real brother to me with a golden heart and he is always there to help me whenever I need him. I started writing and composing songs in 2012 and  I started producing music in college life in 2015. I have been involved in Delhi underground music and then I finally made the best decision of my life to work in the Haryanvi music industry. I decided to represent Mahendergarh in the Haryanvi music because I want other artists from Mahendergarh to come forward and show their skills. I think Mahendergarh has huge talents, they just need guidance.

    What is the most fun part while building music for a song and recording it?

    The most fun part while building music for a song and recording it is that we really don’t know what needs to be done, everything happens automatically in flow and as per vibes of the lyrics. Once we compose the lyrics then we need a good melody or a perfect sounding beat. I personally don’t follow any rules while making music. I believe if you want to sound different then get out of your comfort zone and break the rules. Then only you will be able to do experiments and sound different as well.

    Nowadays Haryanvi music industry is highly competitive. Can the new talents make their way in this industry and especially if I talk about as Rapper?

    The art of singing is a huge ocean and a person always learns it by diving into it. We should never take our passion as a competition. There are people who take it as a competition and plan a career in it to make a huge fan following. Singing is worship and one should do it sincerely and honestly. Those who worship it honestly are always winning the hearts. A person who has knowledge of classical music can sing any song whether it is Ghazal, Bhajan, Sufi, Bollywood or Hip-Hop. But for having a good command over Rapping one should also learn the art of Shayari and poetry so that the pronunciation becomes clearer.

    Tune Arix Song Playlist

    Don’t you think that Haryanvi music is slowly becoming the best music industry in India?

    According to me, I would say that not only is Haryanvi music getting better in India, but it is becoming popular all over the world. Hindi listeners are loving Hamari Khadi Boli, the only problem is that Haryanvi music is not getting the support from the media that they have given to other genres of music. If Haryanvi music gets equal or even half of the media recognition then Haryanvi music will rule on the world top charts.

    Now when we talk about you and yourself, what is the next goal or the next big thing that you dream to achieve now?

    See, making a name in the industry and what I will do next is connected. Actually, when the person dreams of a goal, he/ she thinks it is my goal but after achieving it, then he/ she dreams of another goal in life. So whatever I have achieved till now is by God’s grace and with blessings of whosoever, after a beautiful journey when you think about what is next, there is always a new dream and goal that I want to do. These days I am working on my own music composition, singing, and working on its release. It’s an amazing feeling altogether on your own creation. I always work hard on my music and do it in such a way that I hope that people love it forever and never forget it.

    What is the most favourite song from your own collection of songs?

    See ‘MAHENDERGARH AALA’ for the song that brought him name and fame in the industry. Along with the emotional factors, the kind of response this song has got, this song also proves to be his. Close to a million!

    What advice you would like to give to children and their parents who want to build a career in Singing, Music

    I have a request to parents that when at a young age; children receive name and fame, huge appreciation from all across the countries, people desire to get photos clicked along with them and mostly it happens, in reality, TV shows. So it’s the duty of parents to make the child understand that all these glitters are temporary and help make their personality well grounded. It is essential for children to know that it also happened by the Grace of God along with their hard work and one should never be arrogant while walking on the path of success. Our achievements are all of God and nothing ours. One piece of advice that I would like to share with the children and elders who are learning music is that learn it with honesty. Also, focus on the quality of your work and always work very hard. It will help in improving the quality of your music and your music will reach millions of hearts.

    In just a small talk with ARIX MUZIC, Peddler Media can say without any second thoughts that he is surely one of the successful artists and kind and humble souls from Haryana. His tone throughout the interview was sweet and kind. we pray to God to continue on his musical journey.

    Pedlar Media also request you to support the upcoming Haryanvi artistes so that artists get a chance to bring you good music with your support. And also follow ARIX MUZIC on social media, subscribe to his youtube channel, thank you


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