Ghani Teekhi (Experiment Song) Billa Sonepat Aala, Give Ghani Khasuti vibe.

The new star of Haryana music industry, Billa Sonepat Aale, has tried to make a new Haryanvi music jagdasi, Billa Sonepat Aale, don’t you know? 21 saal hoge zindagi main aye ne  Exactly the same singer who hooked Instagram, have you heard his new song yet?

Ghani Teekhi This song is penned, sung and composed by Billa Sonipat Ala. The music of the song is given by Guri Nimana. Video is managed by in future But one condition if the song gets 1 million views and 10k comments All Good team group such a passionate artist।

This song has a different vibe. the song will be released on 21 Feb on White Hill Dhakkad youtube channel. So guys don’t forget to watch this amazing song.

What do you think?

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