At the same time, the old tales and style changed so much in three seasons without any change, the Mishra family of ‘Gullak’

Kahani nahi kisse hai ye… This line is heard every time in all the three seasons of ‘Gullak’. And in the true sense, this line also makes you realize that these are tales, which you must have also seen and heard in your everyday life. The real hero of this story is Gullak, who also says that the piggy bank cannot be confused with the Gullak.

Because the piggy bank is made of plastic and the Gullak is made of clay. The same soil from which stories are made. The story of the Mishra family also keeps us hooked from the first season to the last. In the third season, changes have definitely come in the life of the Mishra family, but the problems of a middle-class family are still the same. Let’s break down the piggy bank of the Mishra family’s tales from the first season till now.

Tales of Nonkjhok are found in every household in India, these tales have no beginning. They start anywhere and end anywhere. And then they get accumulated in the form of memories, in a piggy bank of tales. This is the story of ‘Gullak’, in which father Santosh Mishra works in the electricity department, and is an honest person. At the same time, mother Shanti Mishra rules the whole house with her taunts. Elder brother Annu Mishra, whose job the whole family is waiting for, while younger son Aman Mishra scolds everyone for studying. All of them have a ruckus, which will touch your heart. But the main character of this series is Gullak, who is its facilitator and is bringing all the stories of the Mishra family to you.

The recently released third season has again brought back the fun of the old one. This time too, the Mishra family is living the same middle-class life, quarreling over small things or celebrating happiness is all there. A big change has come that now there are two earning members in the Mishra family. In the first and second seasons, the eldest son Annu, who was insincere and flattering, has now started working.

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