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    Haryana Day 2022: History, significance, and wishes

    Haryana Day is commemorated every year on 1 November to mark the establishment of the state of Haryana. This day is marked as a public holiday in the state. Various events and cultural programs are conducted by government bodies, social organizations, and corporate entities to celebrate Haryana Day.

    The establishment of Haryana took place on 1 November 1966. This state is rich in agriculture and is best known for producing the best athletes in India, especially in the field of boxing and wrestling. Haryana Day provides an opportunity for the people of Haryana to celebrate their history, distinct culture, and language.

    Heralding the next chapter of growth in Haryana


    During British rule, the territory of present-day Haryana was a part of the Punjab presidency. After India’s independence, the demand for a separate state started to emerge. The Hindi language movement of Punjab, which began on 30 April 1957 and lasted till 27 December 1957 in Haryanvi-speaking areas of the state, had paved the way for the demand of Haryana’s formation as a separate state for the Haryanvi-speaking people of the united Punjab state.

    The movement began after the government of post-independence Punjab tried to impose Punjabi on the Haryanvi-speaking parts. When the people resisted, the government retaliated by imprisonments, and mass arrests, and some of the arrested activists were tortured in the prison.

    The movement was ultimately successful and the Government of India agreed to form a separate state for the Haryanvi-speaking region of the then Punjab state. On 1 November 1966, Haryana was carved out of East Punjab on linguistic grounds, majorly containing Haryanvi-speaking areas.


    Haryana Day reminds the people of Haryana about the struggle for the creation of their state. The day marks the contribution of their ancestors to the state and honors the leaders of the Haryanvi community.


    Here are some of the great wishes you can send to your loved ones this Haryana Day:

    Haryana is the land of industries along with agriculture. Let us work towards turning it into a better state. Happy Haryana Day.

    We must come together and take part in the celebrations of Haryana Day. Let’s enjoy the festivities and events that are organized on this beautiful occasion. Happy Haryana Day.
    Wish you a very Happy Haryana Day. Let’s rise and shine on this auspicious occasion.
    Let’s contribute to the growth and development of Haryana. Happy Haryana Day.


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