Haryana: In the ninth history book, Congress’s ‘appeasement’ policy was told as a reason for the partition

The Haryana Board of School Education has released a history textbook for class IX from this academic session, which mentions the alleged ‘appeasement’ policy of Congress as one of the reasons for the partition of India in 1947.

Referring to the pre-Partition events and the reasons for the Partition, a part of the book uploaded on the Board’s website states that “the Muslim League adopted the policy of obstructing the Congress”. On the other hand, Congress wanted the support of the Muslim League against the British government.

According to the book, ‘The Lucknow Pact of 1916, the Khilafat Movement of 1919 and the Gandhi-Jinnah talks were examples of ‘appeasement’ of the Congress. This encouraged communalism. The result of repeated requests to Muhammad Ali Jinnah was that he got undue importance and always opposed the Congress. The situation in the country started deteriorating. Communal riots were raging, behind which the Muslim League was behind.

The chapter of the book, uploaded in Hindi, states that Congress was now convinced that it was necessary to accept the partition of the country to maintain peace and order. The book also states that the other major reasons behind the partition of the country were the fatigue of the Congress leadership and the gluttony of power. It has been said that the Congress leadership was tired of the constant struggle, it was not ready for any more struggle. Some leaders of Congress wanted to enjoy the power by getting freedom soon.

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