Saturday, December 2, 2023

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    Here the list of top 5 cafes in Pushkar

    Pushkar is famous for its beauty and has a lot of cafes where people can go and chill with their friends and families following are some of the cafes which you should definitely visit when you go to Pushkar.

    1. Tiko’s

    The first cafe which comes to our mind is Tiko’s. it is famous for its vegetarian cuisine. The place is very beautiful and is open to all the people of different age groups. The cafe offers a wide range of cuisines namely Mexican, Spanish, Israeli, Italian & Indian. The cafe has a feature of free Wi-Fi. The cafe also offers live bands which people can enjoy having their meals. Tiko is a must-visit cafe in Pushkar.

    2. Desert rose cafe

    Desert Road cafe is a five-star cafe with a lap of nature, wind, plants, good quality food and Super talented and sophisticated staff. The staff of this cafe is very cooperative and friendly. The cafe Some of the yummiest pizza with some freshly made coffee. The view and the ambience of this cafe are worth its price. If you are in this holy city of Rajasthan then you should surely visit this cafe.

    3. The laughing buddha vegan cafe Pushkar-

    Nothing but the cafe is very famous among all. It is not very expensive but the quality of the food and the ambience is just very amazing. The seating of the cafe is designed very beautifully. The staff members of the cafe are very cooperative with their customers. so if you’re looking for a cafe which is very beautiful and unique but is not expensive then the laughing Buddha Cafe has to be the first choice.

    4. Peddler of Happiness

    The Peddler of happiness is a cafe with a clean and beautiful environment. This cafe is famous for its views, we can enjoy looking at the small Mountains & lake while looking at the mountains. The cafe offers a wide range of food which is the dishes and is available in different cuisines. It has a great ambience, people can have a look at mountains and lakes while having their delicious meals. Most of the Haryanvi people and people from Israel visit this cafe. So if you haven’t seen this cafe get what are you waiting for.

    5. The Lake Cafe

    Play Cafe is a cafe with a rating of five Stars. The cafe is very dreamy as it has a beautiful Lake view. At the night the cafe looks very amazing. Many of the people have proposed to their loved ones in this cafe because of the view and everything. It has a very romantic setting. The cafe offers all types of cuisines namely Chinese, Asian, Italian Indian, European etc. The cafe is situated near Raj Gopal Complex in Pushkar.


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