Hooda does not want interference of Congress high command in Haryana

Even before the last assembly elections, there has been a discussion in Haryana that former Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda will break away from the Congress and form a new party. The reason was that Hooda did not want the interference of any other leader in the politics of the state. Therefore, his supporters kept demanding from time to time from the top leadership of the Congress that he should be freehanded in the same way as Captain Amarinder has been done in Punjab.

Sonia Gandhi did not want this. She even wanted to curb Captain Amarinder, but could not find anyone in the Punjab Congress to challenge the Captain. His search was completed by Navjot Singh Sidhu, who was imported from BJP. Sidhu created such situations that Amarinder was forced to say goodbye to Congress.

Sonia clearly said – I’m sorry Amarinder. But it doesn’t seem possible for Hooda to speak to Sonia at the moment. However, looking at the battle going on in Haryana Congress between state president Kumari Selja and Hooda, it is clear that serious work is being done to make Hooda uncomfortable. Hooda understands this. That’s why he makes his strategy accordingly. There are many cases in which Sonia needs Hooda’s support to save her family.

Especially for Priyanka Gandhi’s husband Robert Vadra, who is trapped in the land scam in Haryana. Hooda’s son Deepender Hooda also advocates for his father from Rahul and Priyanka. Despite this, the way Kumari Selja and her supporters keep making rhetoric, it continues to annoy Hooda.

It is a different matter that the number of MLAs supporting Selja is five-six, there are two or three who are not in both the factions, while the number of MLAs supporting Hooda is 22. These are MLAs that if Hooda leaves the Congress today and forms a new party, he will not delay in going with him, just as Amarinder’s supporters are with him. But till now the top leadership of Congress has not been able to find any Sidhu to kill Hooda in Haryana.

Former Congress President Ashok Tanwar tried his best to challenge Hooda but failed. Hooda supporters even beat him up but the Congress leadership did not take any action against those who beat him. When Tanwar saw that most of the tickets were being given to Hooda supporters, he protested openly but in the end, he had to leave the Congress.

Now Hooda supporters are making two plans. The first plan was to become an umbrella leader of the Haryana Congress. Second plan B, if the top leadership marginalizes them, then break away from the Congress and form a new party. It should also be underlined that Hooda is also a nationalist.

In favour of NRC ie the National Register of Citizens. So, his options of meeting Amit Shah are also open. So far they have not met because they have been successful in their Plan A to some extent. He could not become the only leader of the Haryana Congress, but there is no other leader in the Haryana Congress of his stature. He has a huge support base as compared to other Congress leaders. The top leadership of Congress knows this. can’t muster up the courage to do anything.

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