How to get work in the Haryanvi industry

There is no one recipe to how to work in Haryanvi Songs. It depends on so many factors and also on the profession you want to pursue as your career and passion.  You wanna be a Haryanvi singer, an actor in Haryanvi songs, a crew member behind the camera, and so on. So, the first thing you can do is to start working towards what you want to achieve. If you want to become a singer. Take classes, rehearse every day, try to compose your own original music.

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Build up your youtube or Instagram. Some of the great singers were just youtube singers in their early days. Keep looking for auditions on Google. Read articles and stories of your favourite artist and their journey towards success. There are a few things that you will find common in all of their stories: hardships, failures, rejection. But the most important thing which you will notice is that they never gave up.

Secondly, build up contacts with singers, their managers, producers, managers of music labels, etc. It is somewhat difficult but you exactly know how to do it. There is some or the other way you can get to them. Good Luck with that! Last advice,  never quit. If something means everything to you, there is no road back my friend. The way to be a part of the Haryanvi Music Industry shall be decided by you.