Is KP Kundu coming with a great surprise with “Bhagat Singh” Biography?

KP Kundu and Bintu Pabra are the superstars of the Haryana music industry and talented artists, their song “Dabya Ne Karde” is a superhit and trending song. Their song “Dabya nhi karte” brightened their career. KP Kundu has given many superhit songs but he got fame and popularity from this song. And they both are making efforts for rising the Haryana music industry.

KP Kundu said to Olympic medalist Bajrang Punia, we are Haryanvi, Dabya Koni Karde

As we are well aware, our freedom fighter has done a lot and sacrifice their lives as well for the sake of our country, if we can repay their debt by writing or singing something for them, then it will be a great pride for us. Keeping this in mind, KP Kundu and Bintu Pabla will come up with some different ideas and this is a big surprise. Both have not revealed anything officially yet.

Check out his recent post on his Instagram account. He posted a picture in which he is holding a book “Bhagat Singh” who is a great freedom fighter of India. Along with this picture He mentioned “Tale of Revolutionaries” in the shade of farms.

This will make the public curious about their new project. KP Kundu and Bintu Pabra always came up with realistic emotions. So, Right now we can just make assumptions and wait till any official announcement.

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