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    ‘Jamal Kudu’: Do you know who choreographed ‘Jamal Kudu’ song and what is story behind it?

    The buzz around Ranbir Kapoor and Bobby Deol’s action thriller film ‘Animal’ is reaching new heights, and one particular element is taking social media by storm – Bobby Deol’s entry in the song ‘Jamal Kudu.’ But did you know that the actor himself choreographed this viral sensation?

    Let’s delve into the fascinating story behind the creation of ‘Jamal Kudu.’

    Choreography by Lord Bobby

    In an interview, Bobby Deol, aka Lord Bobby, shared that he took charge of choreographing ‘Jamal Kudu.’ Director Sandeep Reddy Vanga chose the track for Bobby’s introduction, and when it came time to shoot, the choreographer said, ‘You do it.’ Despite initial hesitation, Bobby embraced the challenge, giving a unique flair to the dance.

    Inspiration from Punjab’s Youthful Days

    ‘Jamal Kudu’ draws inspiration from Bobby Deol’s youth in Punjab, where he and his friends engaged in the unconventional activity of getting drunk with glasses on their heads. This lively experience became the muse for the song’s dance moves.

    Remake of ‘Jamaal Jamaaloo’

    Adding to the song’s allure is its origin in Iranian music. ‘Jamal Kudu’ is a remake of the Iranian gem ‘Jamaal Jamaaloo.’ This version pays homage to the original, transcending boundaries to captivate both Iranian and global audiences.

    Bobby Deol’s Resurgence

    Debuting in 1995 with ‘Barsaat,’ Bobby Deol experienced a career resurgence after a hiatus. ‘Animal’ showcases his versatile skills, with ‘Jamal Kudu’ standing out as a highlight.


    ‘Jamal Kudu’ not only showcases Bobby Deol’s choreographic skills but also weaves a tale rooted in personal experiences. Its catchy beats and vibrant dance sequence contribute to its viral success, making it a standout moment in ‘Animal.’

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