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    Mafia Mundeer Rift: Badshah Opens Up About His Fallout with Rapper Yo Yo Honey Singh

    In the realm of rap, Badshah and Honey Singh have long been hailed as masters of their craft. Badshah’s chart-topping hits like “Kala Chashma,” “Let’s Nacho,” “Kar Gayi Chul,” and “Jugnu” have left audiences grooving, while Honey Singh’s classics such as “Brown Rang,” “Sunny Sunny,” “Desi Kalakaar,” and “Love Dose” have aged like fine wine. However, behind the scenes, these two talented artists have found themselves at odds. Recently, Badshah shed light on his strained relationship with Honey Singh and the eventual disintegration of the celebrated rap group, Mafia Mundeer.

    Badshah’s Rift with Honey Singh

    The Formation of Mafia Mundeer

    Mafia Mundeer was a collective that brought together a group of gifted rappers, including Raftaar, Lil’ Golu, Ikka, Badshah, and Honey Singh. Reflecting on his time with Mafia Mundeer, Badshah revealed that a conflict arose between him and Honey Singh, leading to a breakdown in communication. Badshah expressed his disappointment as Honey Singh became increasingly focused on his own career, disregarding the contributions of other members within the music collective.

    Ignored Calls and Self-Centered Behavior

    Recalling those days, Badshah shared, “Mafia Mundeer was an idea, where like-minded individuals came together. Initially, it was just Honey and me. However, in 2009, a rift developed between us. I was working a regular job at the time, and I felt anxious. Honey seemed to have disappeared, and whenever I tried to reach out, he evaded my calls.” Badshah went on to highlight Honey Singh’s self-centered attitude towards the other members of Mafia Mundeer. He claimed that Honey Singh failed to acknowledge the struggles they faced, even coercing them into signing “blank contracts” that never materialized. Badshah referred to this phase as one of the most challenging periods of his life.

    Honey Singh’s Focus on His Own Career

    “We created songs together, but they were never released. Honey was solely focused on his own career,” lamented Badshah. Addressing Honey Singh, he pleaded, “We are also putting in so much effort, please consider us as well. We have left everything behind to pursue this path. You, Honey, should not be so self-centered. On one hand, you call us brothers, but on the other, you fail to acknowledge the struggles we face. What about those contracts you made us sign?”

    The Dismantling of Mafia Mundeer

    Badshah’s first collaborative rap song with Honey Singh, “Get Up Jawani,” was released in 2011. While Mafia Mundeer produced several successful tracks, the group eventually disbanded, performing together for the last time in 2012.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q: What is the significance of Mafia Mundeer in the rap scene?
    A: Mafia Mundeer was a rap collective that brought together talented artists, including Badshah and Honey Singh and played a pivotal role in shaping the Indian rap landscape.

    Q: What led to the rift between Badshah and Honey Singh?
    A: A conflict arose between Badshah and Honey Singh, causing a breakdown in communication and strained relations between the two artists.

    Q: Did Badshah and Honey Singh reconcile their differences?
    A: As of now, there is no information available regarding reconciliation between Badshah and Honey Singh. Their rift remains unresolved.

    Q: Were the struggles faced by Mafia Mundeer members acknowledged by Honey Singh?
    A: According to Badshah, Honey Singh failed to recognize the hardships faced by the other members of Mafia Mundeer and focused solely on his own career.

    Q: When did Mafia Mundeer disband?
    A: After their last performance in 2012, Mafia Mundeer disbanded, bringing an end to their collaborative journey.

    Q: How did Badshah feel about the whole experience with Mafia Mundeer?
    A: Badshah described that phase of his life as particularly challenging and expressed his disappointment with Honey Singh’s behavior and lack of acknowledgment.


    The rap scene in India witnessed the rise of two influential artists, Badshah, and Honey Singh. While their collaborations under the banner of Mafia Mundeer produced memorable tracks, a rift between the two marred their relationship. Badshah’s recent revelation sheds light on the conflict and Honey Singh’s alleged self-centeredness. Despite the disintegration of Mafia Mundeer, both artists continue to leave their indelible mark on the Indian music industry through their solo endeavors.


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