“Meri janani Maa” song by ” Himanshu Ninaniya” is out now

This song is sung and written by” Himanshu Ninaniya”. An attempt has been made to bring a different concept to this song, hope the masses will like it.

This is an emotional and heart touching song on “Maa” a world to her kids. This is the story of a handicapped young man from Jurasi village who became an IAS officer. He Made his disability his strength and succeed with confidence. The story begins when in one of the interviews the young man was asked about the stones and difficulties in his journey of success.

The world used to make fun of him but his mother always encouraged and inspired him to move forward. Moreover, hard work paid off.

This is the truth of the world, everyone stands with you in your good and happy times, but only our parents support us in our bad times. We can never afford the debt of parents, but we must fulfil their dreams, we should be successful so that their names should be illuminated.

Coming to the song credits, The starring team of the song is Deepanshu Jorasi, Joginder Kundu, Saroj Jangra, the music of the song is given by SBM Music(Loharu). This song is produced by Royal Music Factory. The main credit goes to the Himanshu Deepanshu team. As a whole this song is great and amazing for mother love.

If you haven’t watched this song then Here is the link of this song watch now.

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