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    MTV Hustle 3.0: Meet the Top 16 Contestants

    MTV’s rap battle show, Hustle, is back with its third season, and it’s packed with talent. Rapper Badshah leads, and squad bosses like Ikka, Dee MC, Dino James, and E.P.R. mentor contestants.

    Wicked Sunny and Super Manikk host the show, emphasizing India’s diverse rap culture.

    Now, let’s meet the top 16 contestants:

    1. Kayden Sharma (Hyderabad): Known for local flavors in his performances, he caught Dino James’s eye.
    2. Badal (Safido Ka Chora): From a Haryanvi culture-rich city, Badal aims to globalize his roots with E.P.R.’s support.
    3. Mrunal Shankar (Mrunal S. Dhole): A fusion artist who combines traditional and modern lyrical styles.
    4. Vijay Dada (Chaar Teen, Mumbai): Represents Mumbai’s Govandi-Mankhurd area and has Badshah’s endorsement.
    5. Gaush (Navi Mumbai): A versatile artist mastering various rap forms, praised by Badshah for his writing.
    6. Poet Shaf (Prayagraj): A passionate rapper with freestyle flair, drawing comparisons to Adnan Sami.
    7. Bob B (New Delhi): An independent artist who has already made waves with hits.
    8. Rap-ID (Mayank Rawat, Solan, Himachal Pradesh): Known for powerful tracks, aiming to elevate his state’s culture on a global platform.
    9. Shady Mellow: A non-mainstream rapper with impressive tracks.
    10. Uday Pandhi (Delhi): An emerging talent at just 18 years old.
    11. Vish: Known for Haryanvi rap with a Punjabi essence.
    12. Burrah music: Hip-hop that offers hope through words.
    13. SHEN B: Representing JK-oh-2, make some noise for Shen B!
    14. Prince the Artist Singh: Conquering Ground Shunya, Prince ‘reloaded’ rocks.
    15. Shlok: A fiery performer with a unique style.
    16. 100RBH (Saurabh Abhyankar): Fearless and full of energy.

    Get Ready for the Rap Showdown

    With this talented group and experienced guidance, MTV Hustle 3.0 promises an exhilarating season. From traditional to contemporary rap styles, the Indian rap scene will be reshaped.

    Don’t miss it; tune in to MTV India’s TV channel and the Jio Cinema app on Saturdays and Sundays at 7 PM. MTV Hustle 3.0 will redefine Indian rap, one lyric at a time.


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