Aindrila Sharma

TV Actress Aindrila Sharma Passes Away At 24 After Being In Hospital For 19 Days

Well known Bengali TV entertainer Aindrila Sharma died at a confidential medical clinic in Howrah on Sunday. She was only 24.

Aindrila was owned up to the emergency clinic on November 1 following a cardiovascular assault, which brought about blood clusters in her mind. She was likewise experiencing bone-marrow disease, which was recognized in 2015.

Aindrila Sharma made her screen debut with ‘Jhumur’, and later acted in ‘Jibon Jyoti’ and ‘Jiyon Kathi’. She likewise showed up in a couple of OTT projects.

As per an assertion gave by the medical clinic, Aindrila Sharma was conceded there on November 1 in a basic condition and must be held under ventilation support.

Inside discharge was additionally recognized. A group of specialists involving specialists from neurosurgery, nervous system science, basic consideration, irresistible infection, clinical oncologist and radiation oncologist was framed with the end goal of her therapy. She likewise had a medical procedure. Be that as it may, another cardiovascular assault trailed behind the medical procedure. Her condition began decaying on Saturday lastly she passed on Sunday evening.

West Bengal Boss Clergyman Mamata Banerjee communicated sympathy over the less than ideal downfall of Aindrila.

“Profoundly disheartened at the less than ideal downfall of our young artiste Aindrila Sharma. The gifted entertainer won a few honors including the Tele Samman Grant. My most profound sympathies to her family, fans and companions. I ask they track down the boldness in this hour of sorrow,” Banerjee said

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