Pranjal Dahiya Controversy: Singer Draws Criticism Over Comments on Music Production |

In an episode of the popular podcast “Real Shit,” Model Pranjal Dahiya made comments that have sparked controversy in the music industry. Dahiya claimed that a song’s success is solely dependent on the model’s appearance in the music video rather than the singer’s talent or hard work.

These comments did not sit well with Haryanvi video director Fresta, who argued that a song’s success is a product of the singer’s dedication and perseverance, not just the model’s looks. Similarly, Haryanvi singer KP Kundu emphasized that a song’s popularity is based on the artist’s skill and creativity rather than just the number of followers they have.

However, it appears that the controversy has not ended there. An anonymous source claims that Pranjal Dahiya’s statement is not an isolated incident and that her comments reflect a larger trend in the industry, where models are often given preference over singers when it comes to music videos.

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This issue has reignited the debate over the value of appearance versus talent in the music industry. Critics argue that the emphasis on physical appearance detracts from the importance of musical skill and hard work.

As the controversy continues to unfold, it is clear that the music industry is at a crossroads. Will it continue to prioritize appearance over talent, or will it recognize and reward hard work and dedication? Only time will tell.

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