Tuesday, May 21, 2024

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    Weekly Hits: Top 10 Haryanvi Songs Released in Week 1 – May 2024

    Welcome to “Weekly Hits,” where we bring you the top 10 Haryanvi songs that have made waves in the first week of May 2024. Discover the latest trending tracks and immerse yourself in the vibrant music scene of Haryana.

    This list will help you to stay updated with the industry trends and know what’s new for you. Check the list of Haryana’s freshly released songs and learn what’s latest.

    Let’s dive into the latest hits from the Haryanvi music scene!

    1. Aedi Niche – Manish Rawal

    Kicking off our list is Manish Rawal’s catchy track “Aedi Niche,” released under Expert Jatt Haryanvi. This song has already crossed 2 million views on YouTube, showcasing its immense popularity.

    2. Lehnga Gujrati – Ruchika Jangid

    Ruchika Jangid’s “Lehnga Gujrati,” presented by T-Series Haryanvi, takes the second spot with over 2.2 million views. The upbeat rhythm and Ruchika’s vocals have captivated listeners.

    3. Jaatan Ka Khoon – Sukh Deswal | Ashu Twinkle

    “Jaatan Ka Khoon” by Sukh Deswal and Ashu Twinkle on the White Hill Dhaakad label has crossed the million-view mark, showcasing the song’s popularity among Haryanvi music enthusiasts.

    4. Chase – Filmy | Komal Chaudhary

    Filmy’s “Chase” featuring Komal Chaudhary on Speed Records Haryanvi is gaining traction with its unique blend of beats and vocals.

    5. Pistol Pe Loan – Vinod Sorkhi

    Vinod Sorkhi’s “Pistol Pe Loan” from Number 1 Records is also on the rise, with listeners tapping into its catchy lyrics and energetic vibe.

    6. CHITTA – Ammy Chahar

    Ammy Chahar’s “CHITTA” on the artist’s own channel is creating buzz with its distinctive style and music presentation.

    7. TOTE UDAGE – Pawan Pilania | Komal Chaudhary

    Pawan Pilania and Komal Chaudhary’s “TOTE UDAGE” on TOPMOST Records is gaining attention for its upbeat rhythm and lively performance.

    8. Yadav Sarkar – Nonu Rana

    Nonu Rana’s “Yadav Sarkar” released under Karan Records is making its mark with its engaging lyrics and music composition.

    9. Maa ka Name – Vinod Sorkhi

    Vinod Sorkhi makes another appearance on our list with “Maa ka Name” from Gaana Bajana, proving his popularity in the current Haryanvi music scene.

    10. Kabildariyan – Maani Bhat

    Closing our top 10 list is Maani Bhat’s “Kabildariyan” under ABC Productions, showcasing the diversity and talent within the Haryanvi music industry.

    Discover the Latest Haryanvi Hits!

    This week’s top 10 Haryanvi songs exhibit the vibrant and evolving music landscape in Haryana. Whether you’re a seasoned fan or new to Haryanvi music, these tracks offer a delightful glimpse into the region’s musical richness.

    Update your playlist, immerse yourself in the vibrant tunes, and stay tuned for more musical delights from Haryana in the coming weeks!

    For more exciting updates and the latest news from the world of music, keep it locked to Peddler Media. Happy listening!


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