Reincarnation of Dohan and Krishnavati rivers of South Haryana, canals were connected with these rivers

Dohan and Krishnavati rivers of South Haryana

Water has come from both these rivers for five decades. Last year, on the instructions of Chief Minister Manohar Lal, the Irrigation Department started a campaign to revive these two rainy rivers of South Haryana, as a result of which water is now flowing in them. Dainik Jagran had also started a campaign to revive the Dohan and Krishnavati rivers. Following the instructions of the Chief Minister, the Irrigation Department started work on the project.

The two major rainy rivers of South Haryana, Dohan and Krishnavati have been revived. Both these rivers were considered to be the lifeline of the Mahendragarh-Narnaul district, but due to less rainfall in the last 50 years, not only did the rivers dry up but many places were illegally occupied by people.

Due to the low demand for water during the monsoon, canals were connected to these rivers at 16 places. The Narnaul branch was given an escape of about 300 CS near Daroli Ahir to Dohan river and revived about 16 km long river from Daroli to Mahendragarh town. Panchayats have built johads for recharge along the river, due to which water is now coming in both the rivers.

The water flowing in two rivers Dohan and Krishnavati used to carry water not only to Mahendragarh district, but also to Rewari and Gurugram. Both these rivers originating from the Aravalli hills of Rajasthan would have disappeared if Chief Minister Manohar Lal had not been serious about bringing water to them. The present generation must have heard the name of these rivers but would not have seen water in them. Now johads can be seen in these rivers for water and recharge.

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