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    Sahil Dhull & Filmy’s Power Set to Drop: Insider Scoop Revealed!

    Sahil Dhull & Filmy’s Power new Haryanvi song Exclusive insider details, release dates, and more are revealed by Peddler Media

    Exciting news for all fans of the Haryanvi music industry! Rising star Sahil Dhull is teaming up with the talented Filmy for a brand new track titled ‘Power’. The song will be released on Real Music around May 23-24.

    Get the scoop on Sahil Dhull & Filmy’s Power’s new Haryanvi song!

    Sahil Dull & Filmy's Power New Haryanvi Song Release Date Revealed!
    Sahil Dhull& Filmy’s Power New Haryanvi Song Release Date Revealed!

    This collaboration has already created a buzz, especially after a sneak peek of the audio was shared on Instagram. When Peddler Media reached out to industry insiders for more details, a reliable source hinted at the release date, leaving fans eagerly waiting for the full track.

    Sahil Dhull & Filmy’s Power song features music by Avee, promising an exceptional auditory experience. The project was produced by Dinesh Golan, who has invested significantly to ensure the track’s success. The music video, directed by the acclaimed Anishh, is expected to be visually stunning, adding another layer of excitement for the audience.

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