SRK Vanarastra look revealed

Shah Rukh Khan confirmed in ‘Brahmastra See Viral Clip”- But Is It Legit?

Shah Rukh Khan’s reported cameo in Brahmastrais topping the list of trends again. Ever since the trailer of Ayan Mukerji’s much-delayed film, starring Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt, released, the Internet has been trying to spot SRK in the VFX-heavy scenes. Fans have speculated that he is the figure in the Vanar Astra, a giant glowing monkey-like shape.

A new clip that went viral this week appears to show a frontal shot of SRK – but is it really a leak of actual footage from Brahmastra or just wishful thinking on the part of some creative fan?

The clip contains a shot of Shah Rukh Khan kneeling with his arms opened wide spliced with footage of the Vanar Astra

 – a glowing ape-like silhouette – from the film. The Vanar Astra scenes are legit from Brahmastra and appear in the trailer.

While there is no confirmation on whether or not the shot of SRK really appears in the film, fans of the superstar are thrilled by this new and decidedly dodgy development. “Man I’m already getting chills from the trailer itself,” read one comment on the viral tweet of the video while another wrote, “Wow”.

Now, watch the trailer of Brahmastra:

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