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    Are you excited to know the meaning of Sanskrit words of Har Har Shambhu song in English?

    Who would not have heard Har Har Shambhu Geet on Instagram yet, not only on Instagram but on all social media platforms But the Sanskrit words of the song are less understood by the people, so Peddler Media is telling you the Sanskrit words of the song in English.

    Here Har Har Shambhu Sanskrit To English

    karpūragauraṁ – The one who is as pure/white as camphor (Karpur).

    karuṇāvatāraṁ – The personification of compassion.

    sansārsāram – The one who is the essence of the world.

    bhujagendrahāram – The one with the serpent king as his garland.

    sadāvasantaṁ hṛdayāravinde – Always residing in the lotus-like heart. Where, Hridaya aravinde means, ‘in the heart, that is (as pure as) lotus’. Lotus, though born in the muddy waters, is untouched by the mud around it. Similarly, Lord Shiva always (Sada) resides (Vasantham) in the hearts of beings that are not affected by worldly matters.

    bhavaṁ – To the Lord

    bhavānīsahitaṁ namāmi – Accompanied by the Goddess Bhavani (A form of Goddess Parvati, Shiva’s consort), I bow

    Sanandamanandavane vasantamanandakandam hatpapavrindam. Varanasinathamnathanatham Sri Vishwanatham Sharanam Prapadye.

    I take refuge in Kashipati Sri Vishwanath (Varanasi),the father of such orphans, who are happily residing in the Kashi region of Lord Shankar Anandavan, who is the treasurer and primordial of bliss, and who is about to destroy the sin group.

    Avantikayām Vihitaavataram Muktipradanaya cha Sajjanam | Akaal Mrityu parirakshanartha Vande mahakaal maha suresham |

    I salute Lord Shiva, who has incarnated in Avantikapuri Ujjain to provide salvation to the saints, Mahadev ji, also known as Dev Mahakal, of those gods to avoid premature death.

    Nagendrahāraya – He who has the king of snakes as his garland

    Trilochanāya – He who has three eyes,

    Bhasmāngarāgaya – He whose body is smeared with sacred ashes

    Maheshwarāya – He who is the great Lord

    Nityāy suddhāy digambarāya – He who is eternal, who is ever pure with the four directions as his clothes

    Tasmai Nakārāya Namah Shivāya – Salutations to that Shiva, who is represented by the syllable “na”

    Fun facts Har Har Mahadev “Har” signifies who remove the distress of his devotees. Lord Shiva is known by numerous names and Har is a name that is mostly used in “Har Har Mahadev”.

    Har Har Shambhu sung by Abhilipsa Panda and Jeetu Sharma From Har Har Shambhu Shiv Mahadeva Album is the latest Devotional song starring Abhilipsa Panda and Jeetu Sharma. The music is composed by Jeetu Sharma while the Har Har Shambhu Shambhu Song Lyrics are penned by Jeetu Sharma and Traditional. The video is edited by Manoranjan Sahoo and published under the label, Jeetu Sharma.


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