Shalin Bhanot’s Comments On Soundarya Sharma’s Undergarments Make Actress Uncomfortable & Gautam Vig Unhappy

Bigg Boss 16: Shalin Bhanot’s ‘Below The Belt’ Comments On Soundarya Sharma’s  

it’s less than a fortnight that the controversial reality show Bigg Boss 16 premiered but it’s making the headlines for a number of reasons. While tonight’s episode will see Shalin Bhanot confess his feeling for Tinaa Datta, the recently aired episode saw Shalin comment on Soundarya Sharma’s clothes – specifically the undergarments she wore.

Uncomfortable with the incident, the actress was seen sharing her discomfort with Gautam. Read on to know all about it.

In the last episode of Bigg Boss 16, Shalin Bhanot passes remarks on Soundarya Sharma’s clothes – specifically her undergarments – in front of Tina Datta. Later, Shalin told Tina and Soundarya that he remembers a joke – which is below the belt. Tina forced him to tell the joke and Shalin then said that he always liked this brand. Soundarya and Tina were all smiles after listening to the joke.

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While Soundarya Sharma took it as a joke at the moment, she later spoke about it with Gautam Vig. The Bigg Boss 16 contestant told Gautam that she did not even realize that she had worn Calvin Klein undergarments that Shalin noticed. She tells him, “I didn’t realize I have worn Calvin Klein but Shalin noticed it and said, I have a joke only if you can hear, Tina pushed him to say and he spoke about it.”

Gautam on the other hand tells his Bigg Boss 16 co-contestant that she should take a stand now and tell Shalin that she does not like this. While Soundarya Sharma took the comment as a joke, it seems like Gautam lost his calm at it. Soundarya and Gautam even get candid about Shalin’s kiss. Gautam tells Soundarya to refrain from indulging in such antics. For the unversed, Gautam seems to have a liking towards Soundarya, but the latter finds him as a good friend.

Later on, we see Soundarya speak to Mc Stan and tell him that she isn’t sure whether Gautam and Shalin are playing a game or whether they are really friends. She said that they both keep talking behind each other’s back.

What are your thoughts on the ongoing drama in Bigg Boss 16?

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