Pakistani army won’t accept it

Should Pakistan give Kashmir to India?

YES and I am going to explain why

Legal point of view

Legally speaking Pakistan will have to give Kashmir to India, if we talk about the partition of India, there were several princely states at that time present in India, and even Kashmir was also one of the princely states under Maharaja Harisingh Ji, eventually, all the princely states accepted to be part of Republic of India, before 15th August 1947. But Maharaja Harisingh delayed a little bit in it as a result Pakistani sponsored tribal groups “Kabailis” along with Pakistani rangers attacked Kashmir to capture it, then Raja Harisingh realized the gravity of the situation and signed the instrument of accession, which stated that the whole Kashmir ( Including the present day POK and Aksai Chin ) are officially the part of the Republic of India.

Political point of view

We are quite aware of the fact, that the current situation of Pakistan is basically due to their infatuation for Kashmir, their blind fascination with Kashmir is majorly responsible for their crumbling economy, very inefficient education system, income disparity among people, and a wide gap between the elite class and working class. All the political parties whether PTI, PPP, Noon-League, or anyone else of Pakistan has basically filled an anti-India narrative in Pakistan, which is essential for their existence. They are successfully able to implant a thought in minds of people, that whatever problems they are facing in their country is due to Kashmir, once they will get Kashmir all their problems will get resolved. And the fate of the innocent Pakistanis they even believe in it. If Pakistan really wants to help itself then it must give Kashmir to India and should completely focus on itself till 2040.

Tactical point of view

It is the major crux in this whole scenario, actually, the Pakistan army is responsible for this Kashmir problem, in the name of Kashmir they made millions and millions of USD, their core commanders and generals actually became millionaires, and they sent their children to Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, but a poor son to fight jihad against India, and then eventually get killed. And no one actually questions them regarding this, as they wear a veil of nationalism in the name of Kashmir, and it would be an anti-national step to question the Pakistan army. So even if India also decided to give Kashmir to Pakistan, the Pakistani army won’t accept it, as they won’t be able to make dollars then again.

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