Singer Diler Singh gifted himself a new car for achieving such great success in his life, want to know the rest of the story scroll below.

Diler Kharakiya recently gifted himself a Car. The singer a few days back revealed his upcoming project with Renuka Panwar.

This news made everyone excited because both of them are those artists which are loved by the people from the bottom of their hearts.

The Haryanvi superstar Diler is very determined towards his career. From the beginning of his career in this industry, he has worked so hard to achieved this level of success. The singer‘s efforts towards his passion for singing are something that inspires us a lot.

A few days ago, Diler Singh gifted himself a top model Fortuner car. We can really witness how hard the singer has worked in the journey of his life. We hope that Kharakiya keeps on achieving such milestones in his career.

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