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Monika Sharma rises the temperature by her super hot &

Jalebi Juda is starring Anjali Raghav and the beautiful Monika Sharma. The previous version was starring Rakesh Tanwar & Anjali Raghav. Monika has given her best efforts to make this song a super hit. The behind the scenes and some videos of the look are viral over the internet. People are very happy to see […]Read More

Dhanda Nyoliwala rises up the temperature by revealing the poster

Dhanda Nyoliwala is a well known Haryanvi singer. He is known for creating Haryanvi trap music. Dhanda unveiled the poster of this new song ‘baby’ a few hours ago. The poster goes viral all over Instagram. The poster of the song was really unique ad different from other Haryanvi songs. It really attracted the youth […]Read More

Did you know MD Desi Rockstar collaborates with Star boy

Haryanvi mafia singer MD Desi Rockstar in partnership with Star Boy LOC announces the releasing date for their upcoming song ‘ K Haal Hai’. Md desi is a well-known singer, His previous Kohinoor was really loved by the public. On the other hand, Star Boy LOC is singer and a rapper who is ruling over […]Read More

Superstar Ruchika Jangid is back with another superhit song ‘Bawliyo

Ruchika Jangid is a well known Haryanvi singer. She is the audience’s favourite artist. By releasing beautiful songs and interacting with her fans, her name is always popular among people.   A few days ago she released her song ‘tere supne’. Now she is again up with her next track ‘ Bawliyo Bartar’. Ruchika has […]Read More

Aafat by Manisha Sharma & Vivek Sharma releasing date out

Haryanvi singers Manisha and Vivek Sharma is outset to release their track “Aafat’’ on 29th June 2021. The video is presented by white hill dhakaad. First-ever collaboration of Manisha Sharma with Vivek Sharma for the new song ‘Aafta’. Few hours ago The poster of the song was released on white Hill dhakaad ‘s official Instagram […]Read More

Legendary singer Ram Mehar Mehla is about to make a

Ram Mehar, a former singer of the industry is all set to make a come back soon. He is popular among the public of Haryana and this time again he will surely set another record. With his super hit song, he took the Haryanvi industry to heights. View this post on Instagram A post shared […]Read More

New romantic haryanvi song ‘jaanu jaanu’ is about to boom

Romantic songs make our soul happy and peaceful. So Miss Sweety is back with her another track ‘jaanu jaanu’ to make our heart happy and cheerful. The song is dropping on 22nd June,2021. The song is presented by the T series Haryana. In a romantic song, the chemistry between the actor & actress matters the […]Read More

Mukesh Jaji was seen having fun on Instagram reels with

Haryanvi industry artists were seen having a good time while making reels. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Mukesh Jaji Official (@mukesh_jaji_) A few days ago Mukesh Jaji uploaded Instagram reels with Diler Kharakiya, Parveen Redhu and Rakesh Majreya. All the three of them were having great fun together. The reel was […]Read More

Do you know about Amit Saini Rohtakiya’s new song ‘Rappte’?

‘Rappte’ is a new track by Amit Saini Rohtakiya. The video is presented by Deep records. The releasing date of the on 23rd June 2021. The video is starring Deep Kaliraman & CH Shivangi Dabas. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Amit Saini Rohtakiya (@i_amit_saini_rohtakiya) Have you watched Amit Saini’s new track […]Read More