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    Men Who’ve Been Heartbroken List 5 Things That Helped Them Move On From A Bad Breakup

    Yes, most men are super strong and hide their emotions pretty well but not when it comes to love and relationships.  

    It’s a proven fact that men have a harder time dealing with a breakup than women, which is why they take longer to move on. Especially if it’s their first heartbreak. It might seem like the end of the world, but it isn’t.

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    While there is no cheat code to handle a heartbreak smoothly and get over your ex fast, there are men who have been there, done that and have some tips up their sleeves that might help.  

    We scoured the best advice from the men who survived a major heartbreak and learned to move on with life. 

    For those who recently had their heart broken, here are some of the wisest advice and tips from real men who shared what helped them get through a bad breakup:

    1. Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

    “Unfollowing your ex on social media will help you to feel less sad and in case that all the happy lover pictures on Instagram would remind your pain, just shut down the social media.”

    how to handle a bad breakup

    2. Learn From It & Forgive Yourself

    “Figure out what her mistakes were so that you never find someone like her again. Then do some self-actualization and figure out what your own mistakes were. The best way to forgive yourself is to better yourself as a person.”

    3. Getting Drunk Or Meaningless Flings Isn’t The Answer

    “When you wake up the next morning, that pain is still going to be there. It’s like putting a temporary band-aid on a cut that needs a bit more care and disinfectant to actually heal properly.”    

    men share what helped them move on

    4. Talk It Out

    “During a break-up and the time that follows, relying on your friends is necessary for your healing. Talking with someone can be beneficial or at least offers a distraction. This can be very helpful”

    5. Give It & Yourself Time

    Time. Crying. Working out until I couldn’t feel feelings. Talking to friends/family/therapist. Movies. Books. More time. Sleep. Dating other people. And then some more time. Repeat as needed.

    These tips helped these guys and would also help other men out there who are in a similar boat.


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