12 Ladke: Tony Kakkar & Neha Kakkar Dropped Their New Song

Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar, very renowned names in the music industry, have again dropped their new song “12 Ladke,” which is fetching the attention of the viewers. The song’s poster has been dropped for a few days. The two singers also held a Q&A session to determine when they will release their song “12 Ladke.” 

As Tony Kakkar pointed out, a few songs were previously rolled for having bad lyrics, but the artist who stays with him is still alive. And he sang the song from the bottom of his heart. Furthermore, Neha Kakkar has faced trolls on the internet who claims she has lost the previous version of herself.

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But this pair of siblings has released new songs that are receiving massive praise from the audience. Everyone’s attention has been drawn to the song. Neha Kakkar looks super hot in this song, and her looks and dresses are attention-grabbing. She is looking stunning and fabulous in this song.

The song has been uploaded on the official YouTube channel of Tony Kakkar. Tony Kakkar and Neha Kakkar are the singers; Tony Kakkar composed the music; Tony Kakkar wrote the lyrics; Tony Kakkar produced and mixed the music, and Ingrooves is the distribution partner. 

Directed by Tony Kakkar, Sumit Kumar, Prathmesh Parab, @Prathmesh Chaukekar

VFX – Prathmesh Chaukekar, Prathmesh Parab, choreographed by Sumit Kumar,D.O.P – Shinda Singh.

They have previously been seen in many collaborations, but this one is not well received; they are constantly trolling on social media with each other. Neha Kakkar has been spotted on social media with her husband, Rohanpreet Singh. Both of them are hugely beloved by the people.  

Click here on the link to watch the song:

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