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    Top 10 Haryanvi Singers

    Now, We will tell you about some popular Haryanvi singers whose one song gave way to their careers. All of them gave a most popular  song in their career which makes them too popular in Haryanvi music industry till now. So, Now Let’s talk about those singers and their popular song


    KD has done many popular songs, But his career shines brighter after “Paiya Pittal” song which was released in 2016. He got popularity from this song.

    2. Binder Danoda

    Binder Danoda is known for his song “ Aaja Mein tere laad ladau”. Although this song was sung by Raju Punjabi, But Binder Danoda put this song in front of public and public gave him a lot of love.

    3. Gulzaar Channiwala

    His “filter shot “ song created havoc. While his first song “Faad Faad” was also very famous. But “Filter Shot” makes him more famous.

    4. Diler Kharakiya

    He is Son of legend Rajender Kharakiya. His song “Lilo Chaman” put him in the category of superstars. This song was released in 2018 and  everyone loved this song specially girls. Till date the popularity of this song has not diminished.

    5. Veer Sahu

    He is known as “Babbu Maan of Haryana”. His very first song “Thaddi Baddi” created hustle in public. This song broke all records in 2016. Although this song was not less than any Punjabi song. This song was on top 10. After this , Veer Sahu did very few songs such as “Shiba ki rani” ,  “ Khalnayak” and “Rasuka Jaat” but all became superhit.

    6. Khasa Aala Chahar

    His first song “Father Saab” is superhit song. This song is a emotional song on father and son but this song made everyone dance on Dj floor.  And after this khasa Aala Chahar never looked back and gave many popular superhit songs such as “Syahi”, “Loot Liya” , “ Yaar Haryane the” and many more.

    7. Renuka Panwar

    Everyone loved his voice in Haryana. She has given many superhit and popular songs in Haryana music industry. But her song “52 Gaj ka Daman” was most loved one and brightened the career of the entire team. This song was played in every function. Not only the girls , but boys also dance on this song.

    8.Ramkesh Jiwanpurwala

    He is an old Haryanvi artist, who first made people dance with “Hatja Tau” song and then made people cry on “Pehle Aali Hawan” song. This song was released in 2015 and made him popular worldwide not in haryana only.

    9. Sumit Goswami

    His song “ Bholenath” was very famous among public and turned his career at different level. Although his song “Bawli Tared” song was also very famous but  his song “Bholenath” released in 2019 made him superstar. After this song, He gave many popular songs.

    10. Bintu Pabra , KP Kundu and Ndee Kundu

    Their song “Dabya nhi karte” . This song brightented their career. KP Kundu has given many superhit songs but he got fame and popularity from this song.


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