“MI” Song Review: RP Singh forgetting everything and he just remembers his love only

“MI” Song Review: RP Singh forgetting everything and he just remembers his love only

RP Singh first romantic song “My Love” was released 3 months ago on the RP Singh youtube channel. As we all know RP Singh has given many hit songs to the Haryanvi music industry and shining in the industry. He is a very talented artist in singing, raps and lyrics composition. His songs are very popular among the public. He always came with unique and attractive projects.

MI AMOR (My ❤️️ Love) | RP Singh | Vishhh | Pencil Album | Latest Haryanvi Songs Haryanavi 2021

This time, He came with a romantic song. This song is all about a love story in which a boy expresses his efforts and feelings for his lover. He is totally in love with that girl. He completely indulges himself for her just like adolescent love and love at first sight. He often went to the streets of his lover and he used to get lost. He finds his love more beautiful than the moon. He keeps forgetting everything and he just remembers his love only. He almost lost his senses and fell in the love. This is the indication of true love.

He says that If I were a King, I would have made you my queen.

This song acknowledges us about a delicate lover story. The emotions and imagination in the song are unique and attractive they’re depicted in a very real way.

When this song was released it is popular in teenagers and adults as well. By this song, teenagers are able to compare their feelings and relate their stories. This song depicts a true love gesture or character. The song is more of a rap one, it has a teenager vibe which is liked by the public.

The Lyrics of this song is also given by RP Singh, and it is wonderful. The lyrics themselves attract the public. The music of the song is given by Vishhh. He is also a great musician. As a whole team effort and talent, this song is brilliant. You should listen to this song and relate your stories.

So Guys to listen to this amazing song click on the link provided below:

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