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    Haryanvi Weekly Hits: Top 10 Haryanvi Songs Released in the First Week of June 2024

    Haryanvi Weekly Hits:- Welcome back to “Weekly Hits,” your ultimate guide to the latest and greatest in Haryanvi music. In this edition, we’ll explore the top 10 Haryanvi songs that have been making waves in the first week of June 2024. From catchy beats to soulful melodies, let’s dive into the vibrant world of Haryanvi music!

    Haryanvi Weekly Hits: Top 10 Haryanvi Songs in June First Week

    Haryanvi Weekly Hits: Top 10 Haryanvi Songs in June First Week
    Top 10 Haryanvi Songs of June 2024 – Haryanvi Weekly Hits

    This list will help you stay updated with industry trends and know what’s new. Check the list of Haryana’s freshly released songs and learn what’s latest.

    1. Rang Rangili – Harjeet Deewana

    Haryanvi Weekly Hits: Rang Rangili – Harjeet Deewana

    Harjeet Deewana brings vibrant colours and energetic beats to life with “Rang Rangili,” a track that is sure to get you dancing.

    2. Ram Ki Su Gori – Amit Dhull & Swara Verma

    Amit Dhull and Swara Verma deliver a beautiful duet in “Ram Ki Su Gori,” a song that blends traditional and modern Haryanvi music.

    3. Foji Ki Pasand – Subhash Foji & Shiva Choudhary

    Subhash Foji and Shiva Choudhary team up for “Foji Ki Pasand,” a high-energy song celebrating the preferences and life of a soldier.

    4. Gangster – Raj Mawar & Ashu Twinkle

    Haryanvi Weekly Hits: Gangster | Biru Kataria, Khushi Baliyan

    Raj Mawar and Ashu Twinkle’s “Gangster” is a powerful track with bold lyrics and a gripping beat that’s perfect for the dance floor

    5. Dilbar – Manisha Sharma

    Haryanvi Weekly Hits: Dilbar | Gori Nagori, Manisha Sharma

    Manisha Sharma’s “Dilbar” is a soulful and melodious song that captures the essence of love and longing.

    6. Jaade Jam Jange – Amit Saini Rohtakiya

    Amit Saini Rohtakiya’s “Jaade Jam Jange” is a lively track that combines traditional Haryanvi sounds with modern rhythms.

    7. Har Ki Podi – Armaan Malik

    Armaan Malik’s “Har Ki Podi” is a melodious track that showcases his versatile singing talent and heartfelt lyrics.

    8. Swaad Darling – Diler Kharkiya

    Haryanvi Weekly Hits: Swaad Darling | Diler Kharkiya| Pihu Sharma

    Diler Kharkiya’s “Swaad Darling” is a fun and peppy number that’s already a hit among fans for its catchy tune.

    9. Do Number – Vishal Sachdeva & Sonia Sharma

    Haryanvi Weekly Hits: Monis Khan | Ipsita Bhattacharjee | Vishal Sachdeva | Sonia Sharma

    Vishal Sachdeva and Sonia Sharma’s “Do Number” is a lively duet that memorably combines their unique voices.

    10. Patang – Masoom Sharma & Manisha Sharma

    Haryanvi Weekly Hits: Patang | Masoom Sharma|Nidhi Sharma|Manisha Sharma|Parvesh Kaushik

    Masoom Sharma and Manisha Sharma’s “Patang” is a delightful song that captures the joy and excitement of kite flying.

    Stay Tuned for More Haryanvi Weekly Hits!

    These are the top 10 Haryanvi songs ruling the charts in the first week of June 2024. Whether you’re a fan of high-energy tracks or soulful melodies, there’s something for everyone in the vibrant world of Haryanvi music.


    So, update your playlist, groove to the rhythm, and stay tuned for more musical delights from Haryana in the coming weeks!

    For the latest updates and news from the world of music, keep it locked to Peddler Media. Happy listening!


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