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    5 Haryanvi DJ Songs Better Than the OG Tracks

    A new remix to a Haryanvi classic song is often met with cringe, hate and boos from the fans and it’s for the right reasons. We have certain sentiments attached to the cult tracks of our time and adding beats and rap to a simple song always seems (and sounds) like a very, very bad idea. 

    However, not all songs are necessarily bad. Yes, we agree that the original is original and nothing can come close to the OG music but there are some songs that have been made so meticulously that they didn’t take the essence out of the classic version. In fact, they got us listening to them on loop.

    Here are Haryanvi DJ Songs that actually turned out to be better and more popular than the OG track. 

    1. Kabootar

    The version is being played non-stop at weddings and parties. They didn’t really modify the music, beats or lyrics much and that’s exactly how you pull off a remix without pissing the fans off. 

    2. Nachungi DJ Floor Pe

    Only 90s kids know what a rage this song was back in the day and when the rumours of a remix of this iconic song were announced, we could only hope they won’t miss the song up. Fortunately, it got peppier, dancey and didn’t include any weird rap. They even kept the hook step!

    3. Bahu Kale Ki

    Only received double taps and likes from the audience upon its release. It also became viral in a couple of days and surpassed the popularity the OG song gained. You can’t deny that the remix has the same freshness and serenity as the original song.  

    4. DJ NA ROK DIE 

    As soon as this song starts, you know it’s way as good as the iconic song starring KHASA AALA CHAHAR. It’s a dance number that has Ameet Choudhary and Khaas Group that got us grooving at the tunes.

    5. Kothe Upar Kothri 

    This catchy dance track that you can’t probably keep yourself from dancing to. It was being played in all clubs and parties the year it was released and people loved it more than the previous version.   


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