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    Peddler Playlist Music gives up Melodies of Monsoon, takes the breeze of romance with a feeling of love 

    The rainy season is around the turning point. We will often adjust our emotions in the same way. We see that each new season embraces different emotions and remains intact with the feelings and memories associated with it. Where it is seen that music occupies the space to meet the times of affection, where record names like T-Series, Viral and Pedlar Media Network continue to serve such tunes. May this season of love keep you in a good mood.

    They will generally produce songs that catch the sensations of downpour and allow it to stream with the tunes of adoration delivered under the marks like T-series, BL Music, and others. May it be a breakup or may it be that head-over-heels love. The artists got on to the verses that individuals might connect with as they witness the showers of adoration. 

    Peddler Playlist


    In the first place, in the line, we have Barish – the actual title does the fair with the point. The song “Barish” is created by Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music. Highlighting Rahul and the ravishing Khushi. The melody “Barish” is shot in a delightful area that sinks the feelings of the tune, flawlessly sung by Yuvi Awana and created by Photofit Music. The idea spells love, The splendid project was headed by Mr. Rajiv John Sauson, taking this heartfelt song “Barish” by Photofit Music, higher than ever with strategy work and making it a consistent move.

    Aise Na Chhoro

    Next up we have its “Aise Na Choro” by truly outstanding the industry Guru Randhawa. The holds the sensations of adoration and appropriately depicts how love is crucial for building any relationship where the bond is rugged. This melody is shot in the background of gem white snow highlighting the dazzling Mrunal and Guru Randhawa delivered by the T-series. The melody catches the ideal romantic tale coordinated by the faultless Ashish Panda.

    Yeh Dil Tujeh Yaad Kare

    This tune has the delicate friendship of adoration with a storyline that serves as flashbacks of recollections. “Yeh Dil Tujhe Yaad kare” delivered by Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music. The tune holds the supernatural voice of Sahib Kholi, with on-screen science among Sambal and Shiny Dixit. “Yeh Dil Tujhe Yaad Kare” by Photoft Music was one such effective venture taken up under the nearby hypothesis by Mr. Rajiv John Sauson with Photofit Music. This Punjabi melody was shot with a calming background and coordinated by Mr. Anwar Ali, delivered under the standard of Photofit Music.    

    Barish Ban Jana

    This tune is one more storm song to restore that sensation of adoration for you. “Barish Ban Jana” highlights the staggering Hina Khan and Shaheer Sheikh. 

    The Music Video has been shot in the adorable locations of Kashmir, where the director Aditya Datt narrates a story of a celebrity couple who have parted ways but certain situations lead to them reconnecting their love story. 

    “Barish Ban Jana” is one wonderful song in the voice of Payal Dev and Stebin ben. The director plays the story that melts even the hardest hearts making this a much-cherished music video, with the time of adoration – Rains.

    Indeed, genuinely the rundown can continue endlessly in light of the fact that downpours properly bring along a lot of feelings. The sensation of the first catastrophe or that day of admission. Where music is one such accomplice ever, from the start. The tunes are then made to do equity to your sentiments and the maker like Mr. Suresh Bhanushali and Photofit Music and others are on set to acquire all the more such resonant melodies down the line.


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