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    From Buhe Bariyan To Gaddi Jaandi Ae Chalaangaan Maardi, Upcoming Punjabi Films To Release In September 2023

    Get ready for a power-packed September 2023 as Peddler Media brings you an exciting bundle of entertainment! This month is set to deliver a thrilling mix of laughter, crime, emotions, violence, comedy, love, and much more, all packaged in the upcoming Punjabi films that are poised to make a grand entrance into the theaters. We’ve made your job effortless by compiling the complete list of Punjabi film releases slated for September 2023. Just scroll down to catch a glimpse of what’s in store!

    Cheta Singh:

    Release Date: 1 September 2023
    Cast: Prince Kanwaljit Singh, Japji Khaira, Mintu Kapa
    Director: Ashish Kumar

    For adrenaline junkies with a taste for intense action, “Cheta Singh” is the perfect cinematic treat. Scheduled for release on 1st September 2023, this film stars Prince Kanwaljit Singh in an unprecedented avatar, delivering a barrage of brutal violence and suspense. Director Ashish Kumar is all set to take audiences on a roller-coaster ride, promising action sequences that are both extreme and unusual. With a trailer that has left audiences awe-struck, “Cheta Singh” is already on its way to becoming a blockbuster.

    Buhe Bariyan:

    Release Date: 15 September 2023
    Cast: Neeru Bajwa, Rubina Bajwa, Nirmal Rishi
    Director: Uday Pratap Singh

    “Buhe Bariyan” brings a refreshing perspective to the screen, celebrating women’s rights and equality. This female-centric film, set to hit the silver screens on 15th September, promises a gripping narrative that will make you both laugh and cry. With a star-studded cast including Neeru Bajwa, Rubina Bajwa, and Nirmal Rishi, the film is poised to deliver a powerful societal message while weaving an engaging tale. Get ready to witness the magic unfold on the big screen.

    Bhole Oye:

    Release Date: 15 September 2023
    Cast: Jagjeet Sandhu
    Director: Varinder Ramgharia

    Mystery and intrigue shroud “Bhole Oye,” a film starring Jagjeet Sandhu, set to premiere on 15th September 2023. While the plot remains under wraps, anticipation is building around this enigmatic project. With posters that promise a captivating experience, the makers are confident that the film will speak for itself. As the release date approaches, all eyes are on this intriguing film, waiting to uncover its secrets.

    Blackia 2:

    Release Date: 22 September 2023
    Cast: Dev Kharoud, Japji Khaira, Raj Singh Jhinjar
    Director: Navaniat Singh

    Following the success of its predecessor, “Blackia 2” is all set to capture the audience’s imagination. Starring Dev Kharoud and Japji Khaira, this sequel has completed its shoot and is in the post-production stage. Mark your calendars for 22nd September as this film promises to meet the sky-high expectations set by the first installment. The teaser has already generated immense excitement, leaving fans eagerly anticipating its release.

    Rab Di Mehhar:

    Release Date: 22 September 2023
    Cast: Ajay Sarkaria, Kashish Rai and Dheeraj Kumar
    Director: Abhay Chhabra

    Prepare to be swept off your feet by “Rab Di Mehhar,” a heartwarming love story hitting theaters on 22nd September. Starring Ajay Sarkaria, Kashish Rai, and Dheeraj Kumar, this film is poised to evoke a cascade of emotions, promising to make audiences fall in love. The debut of Kashish Rai in the Punjabi film industry adds an extra layer of excitement. Stay tuned for further updates as the narrative unfolds, leaving fans eager for more.

    Gaddi Jaandi Ae Chalaangaan Maardi:

    Release Date: 28 September 2023
    Cast: Ammy Virk, Binnu Dhillon, Jasmin Bajwa
    Director: Smeep Kang

    Laughter takes the center stage with “Gaddi Jaandi Ae Chalaangaan Maardi,” a comic punch-loaded film from the creators of “Carry On Jatta 3.” Get ready for a hilarious tale that revolves around marriage and an unconventional dowry item—a car! Starring Ammy Virk, Binnu Dhillon, and Jasmin Bajwa, this uproarious comedy is set to hit theaters on 28th September 2023, promising an entertaining family drama that will keep you in splits.

    White Panjab:

    Release Date: 29 September 2023
    Cast: Kaka, Kartar Cheema, Dakssh Ajit Singh
    Director: Gabbar Sangrur

    “White Panjab” is set to redefine narratives, offering a unique perspective on Punjab’s stories. With celebrated singer Kaka making his debut, the film has already piqued the interest of fans. Starring Kartar Cheema and Dakssh Ajit Singh, this film is generating high hopes and excitement. As the release date, 29th September, draws closer, anticipation is building around this distinct and highly anticipated cinematic experience.

    September 2023 is shaping up to be a memorable month for Punjabi cinema enthusiasts. From action-packed violence to heartwarming love stories, this diverse lineup of films promises to cater to a wide spectrum of audience preferences. With suspense, laughter, romance, and drama, these Punjabi films are set to create a storm in the theaters, leaving audiences thrilled and entertained.


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