When Imran Khan had to hang out with 5 Haryanvi Jaats!

Imran Khan, who is all set to play a Haryanvi in Vishal Bhardwaj’s Matru Ki Bijlee Ka Mandola, had no idea that the training for the film would mean that he would have to hang out with 5 Jat boys from Delhi to imbibe their language and mannerisms.

When Imran agreed to do ‘Matru…’, director Vishal Bhardwaj asked him to completely change his body language and learn Haryanvi for the film. Says an insider, “Vishal had already requested NK Sharma who runs the Delhi based ‘Act One Theatre Group’ to train Imran for the film. The coach introduced Imran to 5 Jat young men and told him that to really get into the skin of the character he should spend a lot of time with these men. And for a month Imran spent about 5 hours every day with them.”

We also heard that Imran had to eat with them, go shopping with them, and even practice his dialogues with them. And to make matters tough N.K. Sharma had instructed the boys to talk to Imran only in Haryanvi and told Imran to attempt his response also in Haryanvi every time they asked him something so that he could master the language as well as learn their body language. So much so that Imran was not allowed to even utter a word of English for an entire month.

“After a month of the rigorous but unconventional training, when the tough coach and the tougher director Vishal Bhardwaj were convinced that Imran had not only mastered the language as well as the body language that they decided that he was ready to start shooting,” adds the source.

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