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    4 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Texting Your Ex & Regretting It At Lightning Speed

    Getting over some you had a connection, a relationship with is never easy.  

    In fact, it is one of the most infuriating and exasperating things to do, because neither it is a switch that you can turn off, nor are you fully convinced that you want to, even if that were the case.

    And that constant juggle between wanting to and not being able to let go is something that often makes way for a few bad and reckless decisions, like texting your ex. 

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    Now, the urge is understandable. You guys have so much history, comfort and the territory is well acquainted with. 

    However, while all of that may be true, another thing that is also true and often looked past is the fact that despite having all that connection with your ex, there is a reason you two aren’t together.

    Which is why, next time you feel tempted to text your ex back after a romantic rejection, a bad day at work or simply out of curiosity, ask yourself these questions first.

    1) ‘How Did The Relationship End? Whose Decision Was It, Or Was It Mutual?’

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    This very first question should do the trick for quite some people, simply because it reminds one of how things went south and that realisation is enough to give people some perspective and jol them out of the memory lane.

    2) ‘Do I Regret My Decision (If It Was Yours)?’

    If you were the one to call it off with your ex, could it be that after spending some time apart you realise what a big mistake you’ve made? Or is it just the moment or the wee and lonely hours of the night catching up to you? 

    Because if the answer is the former, you should call her at the drop of your hat. But if it’s not, don’t pull her down with you in a moment of weakness. 

    Give it time, it’ll pass.

    3) ‘Have They Changed Their Mind?’

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    And if it was their decision to break things off, is it so that they’ve changed their mind and want to come back to you? 

    Because even then, you need to decide whether giving them a second chance is even worth it or not, because you wouldn’t want to get hurt and go through the process of break-up all over again.

    4) ‘Have We Both Changed As People & Grown Into Different People Since The Break-Up?’

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    Most relationships end because people realise that they aren’t compatible anymore or have a few habits that the other person couldn’t make peace with. 

    However, if at any point after the break-up, both the parties feel that they might have evolved or transformed into different people, it would be worth giving things another shot. 

    But if that’s not the case and the fundamental differences still exist, then there is no point getting yourself into a mess you weren’t able to clean before.


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