5 horror shows from the 90s that gave you sleepless nights

People still remember the horror shows of the 90s. Their names, their music and their story plot, were all very scary. Today let us tell you about those horror shows of the 90s which were definitely seen at night, but these shows used to give sleepless nights.

Let us remind you today that horror show of the 90s, which used to give sleepless nights.

  • Ssshhhh…Koi Hai

The name of this show was enough to scare people. But with this serial a new era of horror serials started on television. A hero was brought in this serial, who used to capture the ghost with his team. The character of Vikral was played by Mamik in this serial. Initially, the serial got a lot of TRP, but gradually its popularity decreased.

  • Aahat

The show was very popular among the Indian audience. Its background sound was quite scary. People liked this serial aired on Sony TV. This was the first horror show in which computer graphics were used.

  • Achanak 37 Saal Baad

This show also used to come on Sony TV. It showed a story of a small town, which was based on the untoward incidents that happened there after 37 years.

  • Mano Ya Na Mano

The show was based on Ripley’s book Maan or Na Maan. It was hosted by Irrfan Khan. The show also shared stories related to ancient beliefs, myths and supernatural elements.

  • Woh

In the year 1998, the serial ‘Woh’ was the story of a Gudde, who looked exactly like a Joker. An evil spirit had entered inside him. Although this serial was not that successful in scaring the people.

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